1. Should I have my old speakers reconed, or should I buy new ones?

Usually, it is best to repair your old speakers. They are the speakers that the cabinets were designed for. Someone spent a great deal of time and money designing the cabinets. A great deal of math was involved in building the cabinets with a certain amount of air space. The manufacture "tuned" the cabinets by building the cabinets specifically for the old speakers. Also, your cabinets have crossovers that were designed to make your old speakers sound the best. So, everything becomes a team - the speakers, the cabinets, the crossovers, the tweeters and the mids. If you grab other speakers and throw them in the cabinets, they will not sound the same as your old speakers. Naturally, you can not change your cabinets - they are made out of wood. So, the best first step is to try to repair your old speakers.

We also notice that most old speakers are built really well. They are usually very heavy and strong. Today there is a trend to make speakers and speaker cabinets cheaper. As a rule of thumb, you will probably pay less than half the price to repair your speakers as you would to buy new ones.

2. The foam surrounds are falling off of my speakers. The speakers look and sound terrible. The speakers sound distorted and they buzz. Is this worth fixing or should I buy new speakers ?
We will replace the foam surrounds on your speakers. The speakers will come back to you sounding like they use to when they were new. We will not change the way the speakers were designed - keeping your original sound. The cost will probably be less than half the price of buying new speakers.

3. How long does it take to repair my speakers?
It usually takes 5 -7 days to repair your speakers if parts are in stock. If we have to order parts, it usually adds approximately another week.

4. How much does it cost to repair my speakers?
See our pricing guide.


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