Shipping Your Speakers

1. You must remove your speakers from the enclosures for shipping.   It is not necessary to send the speaker enclosures or cabinets, and shipping the speakers in the cabinets only increases the chance for damage, and greatly increases your shipping costs (both ways).  Please do not send the cabinets.

2. The best way to ship your speakers to Uncle Sam's Jamms is to pack each speaker in a separate box. The boxes should be thick and sturdy, and 2 to 5 inches larger than the speakers.

3. Please tape a piece of cardboard over the front of each speaker and then wrap it in BUBBLE pack (at least 2" thick). DO NOT SHIP IN FOAM PEANUTS. Because speakers are very heavy, foam peanuts will compress during shipping and when your speakers arrive to us they will be loose in the box, and likely damaged. Bubble pack will not compress like foam peanuts.

4. If you wish to pack both speakers in the same box, please first pack each one in a separate box and then pack those two boxes inside the larger box. This protects the speakers from shifting during shipping and ending up inside of each other and damaging the speaker baskets. Make sure you use lots of bubble pack and only pack one speaker per box.

5. Make sure the bubble pack is wrapped completely around all parts of the speakers (at least 2"-3" thick, which may take several layers of bubble pack). Also be sure your speaker is tight in the box and can not move around at all. Shake the box hard to be sure!

6. Complete our Speaker Service Form, and enclose it in the box.  Our shipping address is on the form, and also at the top of this page.   To determine an idea of the cost of reconing your speaker, see our Recone Price List.   For other questions, see our F.A.Q. page.


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